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Usui Reiki

Doing a REIKI course, is like giving yourself a beautiful gift !

All traditional USUI REIKI courses are taking place at our beautiful location in La Marina.
Every first Monday and Tuesday of the month these courses are taking place.

Your Lotus

The USUI REIKI system consists of 3 REIKI levels:


This is a 2-day course from 11 am till approx. 4 pm.
including lunch, textbook and certificate for 150,-
During REIKI I you primarily focus on the physical level. You will learn to use the REIKI energy for yourself and others. Receiving the attunements, the process of inner growth and healing will be started. After this REIKI I course you can start working with the REIKI energy. Including practical REIKI exercises and easy learning material.

  • What to expect;
  • Explanation about REIKI with textbook
  • Energy exercise and meditation
  • 4 individual attunments
  • Giving and receiving a REIKI treatment


You can take this course within a minimum of 3 month after your REIKI I attunement.
This course is meant to further strengthen and deepen the connection with the USUI REIKI system.
This is a 1-day course from 11 am till approx. 4 pm. You will receive 1 attunement that focuses on the emotional and mental level. Lunch, textbook, certificate and an individual attunement for 150,-.
You will learn how to work with symbols and how to send energy over distance. REIKI II will bring you into contact with your deeper knowing.
It will gently bring you into a deeper contact with your true self.


During the REIKI III a course you will receive 1 attunement. Through this attunement your ability to give REIKI will be enhanced to the maximum and you will be working on the Master level. This course focuses on the level of spirituality and the soul. It is a process of awareness. Costs of this course are 250, - and include an individual attunement with the Master symbol, lunch and certificate.


This is the Master course. You will learn the techniques to attune others onto the energy field. You will also learn how to train others to work with REIKI energy. You will receive personal training and will be present during various REIKI courses. Please ask for price.

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