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Lotus La Marina
C/ Mediterraneo
C.C. Bahía de las Dunas
03177 San Fulgencio

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Tel: +34 965.727.099
Mobile: +34 672.128.183 sanne@lotuslamarina.com
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July & August:
Monday - Friday
10.00 - 14.00


Price list

Treatment Description
Wellness Consultation
Our consultations are for those interested in improving general well being.
- Thai Yoga Massage
- Quiro Massage
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Combination Oil & Stretching
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage
- Total Relaxation
- Abdominal Energy Massage
- Foot Reflex Zone Massage
- 4 Hands Massage
- Chair Massage
- Detox Massage
Essential treatment in case of foot and nail problems.
Shaping, varnishing and shellac - soak off Gel.
The whole Works
2.5 hr total relaxation. Lymphatic drainage massage, hopi earcandles, abdominal detox wrap and foot reflex
Mix and Match
2.5 hr mix and match; massage, foot reflex, reiki, lymphatic drainage
Bikini Belly
Massage, salt scrub, body wrap and relax treatments for a beautiful shiny, toned and refreshed belly.
Detox Clinic
Improve your general wellbeing and increase you energy levels by elimination body toxicity through diet changes, detox supplements and treatments. żDo YOU need a DETOX?
Relaxation & Stress Management
Learn to gain insight and control over various situations you perceive as stressful through a series of combined techniques.
Universal Reiki Healing
A deeply relaxing non-invasive method of correcting imbalances in the bodies energy field though light touch.
Chakra Balancing, Knowing Touch
Diagnosing, balancing and energizing of the chakra energy system using pendulum, crystals and intuitive knowing.
Cranio-Sacral Healing
A profound healing process through light touch developed from Osteopoathy. It influences deeply held patterns of disease - both physical and emotional.

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