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About us

Thai Lotus is authorized to teach Thai Massage classes by TMC Chiang Mai using the same curriculum and teaching material and by applying the same techniques. This ensures authenticity of teaching and practice of the traditional style of massage as carried out in Thailand.

TMC Chiang Mai is accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education and by other institutions and organizations worldwide such as:
UK Department of Education and Skills
Australian Association of Massage Therapists
USA National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage
Canadaīs College of Massage Therapists.

Introducing the teacher

Marijke Winton

Marijke Suk Winton Born in Amsterdam 1963, Marijke has a background in caring/nursing since the age of 17. In 1998 she graduated in Edinburgh with a degree in Occupational Therapy.
During her frequent travels to Asia since 1986 she developed an interest in Asian healing arts with its focus on balancing energy and a more spiritual view on health and well being.
Moving to live in Thailand in January 2003, she started her study in Thai Massage at the traditional Thai Medicine School at the temple Wat Pho in Bangkok and in 2005 she completed her 600 hour Teacher Training course at TMC Chiang Mai.
Marijke also works as a complementary therapist providing detox programs and colon cleansing. She speaks English, Dutch some German and she is learning Spanish.


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