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All about Thai Massage

Thai massage wisdom views lack of optimum health as reflecting an imbalance in the mind, body and spirit and treatments seek to re-establish harmony within.

What is Thai Massage

In Thai Massage; acupressure, yoga style stretching and foot reflexology is combined to create a wonderful flowing sequence. This is performed with the smooth rhythmic movements of gentle rocking inline with the breath while using thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet in prone, supine, side lying and sitting positions.

energy lines front energy lines back

The pressure applied to the energy lines and the passive stretches help to release obstructions in the energy pathways. The increased energy flow aids the circulation of nutrients through the body and elimination of waste and toxins from physical, mental and emotional strain. The nervous system regains balance and the body strengthens and rejuvenates. The easing of muscle tension and pain will add to a greater feeling of wellbeing which harmonizes body, mind and spirit.

As the body is known to retain and store memories of trauma and stress, emotional release is also known to occur. All energy lines have their origin around the navel where negative emotions often accumulate. Abdominal massage therefore plays an important part in Thai Massage.

Traditionally Thai Massage is carried out on a floormat while wearing loose comfortable clothing to enable maximum movement. No oil is used except for face and foot massage.

advanced massage posture

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Increase flexibility
  • Release stress
  • Maintain a free flow of energy
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Facilitates removal of toxins
  • Enhances deeper breathing
  • Facilitates contact with and release of emotional pain

Some History

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art which originated in India during the Buddha's lifetime about 4000 years ago. With the spread of Buddhism to East Asia this approach to healing mixed with Chinese forms of traditional medicine before it arrived in Thailand where it became absorbed with Thai healing practices. Traditional Thai Massage is therefore influenced by Yoga, Ayurveda and the Chinese meridian system and its acupuncture points.

The practice of Thai Massage still contains spiritual elements. At the start of each massage session therapists perform a small prayer to give thanks to their teachers and to ground themselves in the four divine states of mind in spiritual teachings; compassion, loving kindness, joy and mental balance.


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