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Foot Reflex Massage

NEW: Energetic Footreflexzone Massage
A soft and calming massage of the feet. Brings balance in the energy household of body and mind.

Foot reflex zone massage is not only for the feet. It is for the whole body and performed on the feet. The theory behind foot reflex zone massage is that all of the nerve endings in the body are mapped out on the feet. This means that the nerves of the heart, lungs, pancreas, shoulder, spine, and everything else, have a corresponding representation on the feet.

foot reflexology

When you apply pressure to that corresponding area, it sends signals to the brain releasing endorphins, relaxing the nervous system and re-establishing connections from the brain to that area in the body. This process encourages healing and balances the body's systems. The result is anything from pain relief to hormone balancing. Your body will choose which systems are most imperative to improve. You may not notice any immediate results if your body is working on repairing an area like your kidneys or liver. However, people with back pain, knee pain and other noticeable pain will likely notice a change within 5-6 weeks of 1-2 treatments a week.

Foot Zone massage is not a way to diagnose conditions but a way to balance the body's nervous system so that proper energy and information can be received via the brain. When this energy and information is able to flow freely, the body can heal with a higher potential. Even alleviating problems that you have had no success with using traditional western medicine.

Foot zone massage also releases pent up emotions that may be holding you back from healing. It is common knowledge with massage therapists who do body work that you can retain memory of a traumatic event in a muscle or even an organ. This massage helps remove negative energy within a muscle and organ to facilitate healing.

foot massageAt Lotus La Marina we have 2 types of foot reflex zone massage: Western/European style and Thai style.

Both types cover all the reflex zones and can be carried out in combination with aromatherapy oils. The Thai style foot massage also takes care off foot stretching and a massage of the lower-leg energy lines and at times a foot massage stick is used at points that require deeper pressure. The European style can also be performed without oil and reference list for follow up treatments is completed.

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