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Chakra Balancing

The session starts with a short consultation to diagnose chakra imbalance. During de session a pendulum is used to assess chakra energy, crystals and Reiki are used to balance and energise the chakra system. To finish a Tibetan sound bowl is used to strengthen the vibration energy and balancing advice is given.

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Knowing Touch

What is Knowing Touch?
Knowing Touch is about developing your ability to Listen, See, Feel and Know through the physical contact with another; communicating without speaking, using our hands, our hearts and our intuition to receive the information we need. Knowing Touch enables us to give precisely what is needed and requested in the present moment.
It is the art of connecting on a level of consciousness where intention is pure and has the quality of non-self and no-mind. The aim is to develop a touch that is highly sensitive and aware, firm yet gentle, kind and compassionate. A touch that listens and therefore knows all that is there to be known, through the sense of intuition, transcending the limitation of the five senses and the spoken word. It is to Know how to Touch and to have a Touch that Knows!

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