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B i k i n i B e l l y

What is included?

  • Abdominal Massage
  • Salt Scrub
  • Green Clay wrap with seaweed and green Tea
  • Foot or face massage

This treatment starts with a deep abdominal massage which helps to loosen debris in the large bowel and helps to relax inner organs such as the liver, gallbladder and spleen which has a good effect on digestion. Abdominal massage has the additional benefit in helping to release emotional tension in particular from the solar plexus.

Following the massage an exfoliating salt scrub is applied which leaves the belly soft and cleansed and ready to absorb the nutritional components of the wrap. This type of body wrap uses seaweed and clay which has detoxifying benefits, it helps rid the abdominal area of toxins through metabolic stimulation.

a beautiful bikini belly

What Happens During A Body Wrap?

You lie down on the towels you will be wrapped in. After the salt has been removed the clay mixture will be applied and wrapped, the heat pad is applied to increase the benefits by adding a cleansing sweating element. You relax for 20 minutes while receiving a foot or face massage depending on your choice.

For a beautiful shiny, toned and refreshed belly

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