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About us

Marijke Winton - Massage Therapist and Detox Specialist

Born in Amsterdam 1963, I have a background in nursing since the age of 17 while my professional training is in Occupational Therapy. During my frequent travels to Asia I developed a more spiritual view on health and wellbeing. While I lived in Thailand I studied Thai Massage, Ayurveda and Reiki. and on returning to Europe I studied Colon Hydro Therapy and the Detoxification Process. My aim is to use all my skills, knowledge and beliefs for the benefits of those seeking to improve their wellbeing and raise their consciousness.
Send me a mail for more information: marijke@lotuslamarina.com

Sanne Wolff & Marijke Winton

Sanne Wolff - Quiro massage and Chiropody

I was born in Amsterdam in 1966 and have a background in nursing. I started my own Chiropody practice in Zaandam and continued my training in Aromatherapy, Touch for Health and Foot Reflex Zone Massage I also specialized in Diabetic Foot care. I moved to Spain in 2002 and trained in QuiroMassage I and II, and Manuel Lymphatic Drainage Massage. The Reiki initiations I received have led to my deep interest in and ability to use the universal healing energy to improve wellbeing and raise awareness.
Send me a mail for more information: sanne@lotuslamarina.com

Our philosophy

On the whole, we all live a normal routine life…..we eat and drink and go about our business without giving too much thought of our bodies and minds and how they interact and are being influenced by our lifestyle……until… we become aware that we don´t feel as well as we used to, small things start to niggle, we gain weight, we come sluggish, we get headaches, our bowels are not behaving as well as they used to, we get heartburn and feel bloated, our hair and skin are dull etc…..does any of this sound familiar?

On a daily basis we get bombarded by pollutants; chemicals in the water we drink and in the pools we swim, chemicals in the products we use and in the food we eat. We also produce our own pollutants from negative emotions such as anger, irritation, sadness and fear, the energy of these emotions stay with us.

The food we eat is often full of preservatives and colorants, it is processed, ready prepared and packaged and full of unhealthy fats, sugar and salt. Often our food is sorely lacking in freshness, lacking in nutrition and fiber. Our bodies are great machines, they adapt…but only for so long.

The awareness that you don´t feel as well as you think you should is a first step in returning to better health, the second step is the growing desire to do something about it. In Lotus La Marina we hold consultations to help people unravel the cycle that has led to feeling unwell. During a consultation we look at lifestyle patterns and the problematic symptoms that you may have.

We give advice on what to change and how to change it. We offer a wide variety of holistic treatments ranging from detox programs, stress management and various types of massage (Thai, Lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic, Quiromassage). We also offer acupuncture and crystal healing and energy based treatments such as Reiki, Chakra balancing and Knowing Touch. For those who need help with hand and feet care we have Manicure and Chiropody to complete the total mind, body and spirit package.

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