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Lotus La Marina
C/ Mediterraneo
C.C. Bahía de las Dunas
03177 San Fulgencio

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Tel: +34 965.727.099
Mobile: +34 672.128.183 sanne@lotuslamarina.com
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Monday - Friday
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Center for Natural Healing

Course for Thai Chair Massage 6th of November ** Our new offer: Usui Reiki Introduction Course. Get into the wonderful world of REIKI.
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Lotus Philosophy

The growth of the human soul follows a similar path as the lotus flower. This is why the lotus has great significance in eastern religions such as Buddhism. Just like the lotus is rooted in mud, so are we, unconsciously rooted in the material world. Our life experiences are like the murky waters through which the lotusstem winds. But just like the lotus flower aims towards the light to open and display itīs beauty, so does the human soul.

Our aim is to offer you a guiding hand through the murky waters of life.

In Lotus La Marina we work from the belief that our lifestyle, what we eat and drink, our environment, our thoughts and emotions have a great influence on our body and mind and a large part of our work in Lotus La Marina is creating awareness of this.

Come and visit us at San Fulgencio "Bahia de las Dunas" Nš 69, just of the N332 behind Mercadona and past Iceland or call us on 965727099 for an appointment.

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